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In these days of sophisticated online technologies, it is interesting to note that the traditional fax machine still commands a revered position in literally all organisations globally. Understandable, because many business dealings cannot be accepted purely by "word of mouth" but has to be in "black and white". This is especially so when it involves legal matters.

However, one of the biggest problems with ordinary fax machines is that it will print out everything it receives, and that includes unsolicited or junk documents. In the case of legal documents, it is often a waste of ink and paper because only a few pages of the often long documents need to be printed out. In addition to that, some faxes can easily become misplaced in businesses which handle lots of faxes daily. Let's not talk about the huge storage space which is required to keep all these faxes, paper jams, and out-of-paper problems.

When you factor in the ink, paper and maintenance costs as well, fax machines can become a very expensive gadget to run. Luckily, current technology offers a much cheaper and more efficient method to solve such a problem - fax2email service.

This internet fax solution requires an internet connection, and a subscription to a fax2email service which are available for a small monthly fee, or even free. When this option is used, all incoming faxes will be directed to the recipient's designated email address as an email attachment. This basically means that all faxes can be viewed on the screen, and printed out only when deemed necessary. To get rid of junk faxes is easy - just hit the Delete button. This saves a lot of paper and ink.

A key advantage of using a fax2email is that faxes can be viewed anywhere in the world as long as an internet connection is available. This is certainly an advantage to businessmen who travel extensively.

Problems of not receiving faxes due to "out of paper" or "paper jam" become history, because this technology is paperless in nature. The annoyance of not getting faxes due to "engaged phone lines" is also rendered irrelevant by such a service. Faxed documents will also never fall into the wrong hands (or unauthorised person) because they are all directed to a designated email address. So, privacy is assured.

In view of all the advantages of using a fax2email solution, this option is well worth investigating for it is simply the smarter way to do business in this era of globalisation.

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